Guide of AI Tool

Guide of Ai Tools

8 Best AI Song Generator – Create Hit Songs with These Tools

Artificial Intelligence is being rapidly implemented across various artistic fields, such as films, music, and other art forms. When implemented, it can affect each factor of the music-making process, incorporating audio mastering, music generation, and music streaming.

With the introduction of AI, the music field experienced a great transformation, lessening the entry requirements for new music producers, creators, composers and content creators. These advances in AI signify that you no longer need to master playing instruments or navigate intricate music production software to produce high-quality music.

In this comprehensive guide, let us dive into the best 8 AI song generator tools and their pros, cons and pricing structure that can help you out. So, let’s get started!

8 Best AI Song Generator

1. Soundraw

Sound raw strikes all the right notes if you are looking for an AI tool that can help you customize your songs quickly. It is an AI music generator that enables users to make limitless songs by selecting the genre, mood and length. Soundraw’s AI music generator expertly merges AI-generated formattings with manual editing abilities for efficient AI music innovation. It creates beautiful songs for users, which can be personalized by modifying the music according to their requirements, creating a shorter intro, or shifting the position of the chorus.


Merges AI formatting and manual tools.

Limitless downloads with a subscription plan.


Tracks generated are sometimes too identical or repetitious.

No information or instructions were given on how to get started or what to do.


Soundraw offers three-tier plans. The Free plan provides unlimited songs, which is excellent for getting started. The Creator plan costs $19.99 per month and includes everything from the free plan to royalty-free entry to music created for both personal and commercial use. It also has an Artist plan, which costs $39.99 per month.

2. Loudly


With over 170,000 handpicked audio loops, Loudly’s cutting-edge playback engine combines, warps, and tracks chord advancements in real time. Loudly’s amazing combination of professional systems and generative adversarial networks guarantee musically momentous compositions. The AI music studio element enables collaborative music creation, giving creators full control over their sound.


User-friendly interface and easy to use.

Vast music library with a huge collection of options for generating various tracks.


Limited genres prohibit you from looking for more distinct styles.

Slow and not always correct in its suggestions.


Loudly provides a Free and Personal plans at $7.99 per month, including all live streams and podcasts. It also has a Pro plan of $14.99 per month, which covers the use of generated music for paid ads, VR/AR, client work, indie games, and various applications.

3. Boomy

Boomy plays a major role in raising access to music generation and reduces the obstacles to entering into music production. It helps users to generate authentic songs in seconds. You can present these songs to reach streaming earnings from different services. The standout feature of this tool is its user-friendly interface. Boomy’s AI creates a personalized user profile and combines AI algorithms to create the best music.


Provides collective and social features to exchange ideas and collaborate on songs.

Presents tracks to major streaming platforms.


Music generated sounds generic sometimes.

Single project limitation.


Boomy offers three plans to its users. The free plan enables song editing with a limit of 25 song saves and one album release per month. The Creator plan costs $9.99 per month to get more advanced features and offers album releases with MP3 downloads. The Pro plan costs $29.99 per month and includes more album releases and extra download options.

4. Mubert

Mubert is one of the fantastic AI music generators that offers streamers, filmmakers and app builders immediate entrance to customisable, royalty-free music. Mulbert uses avant-garde algorithms that blend and recombine models from a huge library to make music streams with endlessly new varieties. Using its intuitive interface and powerful catalogue, Mubert authorises creators to smoothly develop the immaculate AI soundtrack for any event or resourceful project.


Works seamlessly with various platforms.

Generates high-quality music that can be taken up for various purposes, including commercial projects.


Absence of human touch.

Limited personalization options.


Mubert provides its users with different pricing plans to meet their needs. The Free Tier plan enables the generation of up to 25 AI-generated tracks per month. Next is the Creator plan which costs $11.69 per month and qualifies up to 500 tracks without a watermark. To make music for commercial purposes, there is a Pro plan at $32.49 per month and a Business plan at $149.29, perfect for agencies and app originators.

5. BeatOven AI

BeatOven AI is an innovative tool that makes composing unique and builds copyright-free music for your content very smoothly. Like other tools on this list, BeatOven AI builds original sounds and tracks. Whether for podcasts, videos, or other projects, this AI music generator presents an ingenious answer to music production challenges. It utilizes developed artificial intelligence to look after difficult music theory and production work, qualifying anyone to produce quality, customized soundtracks to upgrade their content.


AI-powered video-to-audio generation.

Granular management and customization.


Restricted track length.

No rights were given.


BeatOven AI has two pricing plans. The free-tier plans allow you to create music without any starting investment. The Pro plan starts at $6 for 15 minutes, with additional features such as monthly download limits and the necessity for video ascription.

6. Aiva AI

Aiva AI is an excellent classical AI musical tool invented to change how music is composed, providing a unique mixture of technology and creativity. It is especially advantageous for those searching to produce soundtracks for games, movies, or digital content, as it streamlines the music creation method. By using deep learning algorithms, Aiva AI explores patterns in music to develop compositions that reverberate with human feelings, offering a perfect combination of science and art in music creation.


Provides flexible licensing options.

Creates music in various genres such as jazz, classical, rock, pop, ambient and many more.


Struggles to catch the emotional depth and fluency human musicians can carry to their music.

High-priced Royalty-free policy.


The Free plan enables you to compose and download music. To cast your music without crediting or owning the copyright, upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan, initiating at $11 per month and $33 per month, respectively.

7. Splash Pro

Splash Pro is another great AI music generator created for ease of use, allowing you to develop songs from just text prompts. To get turned on, just enter a prompt. The system will then offer you a choice of generated selections. Check these and tap ‘ Make full song’ on the one that lures you. One of its most remarkable elements is that it enables you to select the mode, key, and speed and even adds custom singing or rap vocals through its text-to-vocals feature.


Text-to-Vocals feature.

Limitless commercial access at a reasonable price point.


Sometimes bad music quality.

High learning curve.


Splash Pro offers four pricing plans: a free plan, a starter plan, a max plan, and an enterprise plan. The Free plan provides limitless songs for up to 60 seconds; the Starter plan costs $10 monthly and provides unlimited songs to up to 120 seconds, unlimited commercial license and high-quality MP3 downloads. The Max plan is priced at $49 per month and includes unlimited songs up to 180 seconds, along with uncompressed WAV file downloads. Lastly, the Enterprise plan is created for large-scale needs based on customizable pricing with API access.

8. Veed.IO is an excellent cloud-based video editor tool available today, and one of the headlining characteristics of the platform is its AI music generator, which goes hand in hand with its video generation abilities. With, users can select from different vibes such as hip-hop, chill, rock, dance, or electronic to suit their video’s style and mood. This tool AI’s technology crafts outstanding melodies, rhythms and harmonies based on the user’s text input, providing a customized and authentic soundtrack for every video.


No sign-ups are needed to use the AI music tool.

Free and limitless music generators.


Limited variation and depth.

Distribution of the tracks to other significant music streaming platforms is restricted.


Veed.Io offers a free plan, and its paid plan starts at $18 per month and is billed annually.

Bonus AI Song Generator Add in the future:

9. Uberduck AI

Uberduck’s AI software is revolutionizing music creation by providing innovative music composition and vocal synthesis tools. This advanced AI tool allows users to generate high-quality songs and explore new creative possibilities in music production. It combines AI-generated formatting with manual editing abilities, making it a versatile tool for musicians and creators.


  • Combines AI formatting and manual tools for flexibility.
  • Enables high-quality vocal synthesis and song creation.


  • Tracks may sound too similar.
  • Learning curve for new users.

Pricing: Uberduck AI offers a free plan with limited features and a Pro plan at $19.99 per month, which includes advanced functionalities and higher-quality outputs.

10. Soundful AI

Soundful AI

Soundful AI stands out for its ability to generate high-quality, royalty-free music tailored to users’ specific needs. This tool uses advanced algorithms to create unique tracks that can be customized based on genre, mood, and style, making it ideal for content creators, marketers, and musicians.


  • High-quality, royalty-free music generation.
  • Customizable tracks based on user preferences.


  • Limited genres available.
  • Requires a subscription for premium features.

Pricing: Soundful AI offers a free trial with basic features, while its Pro plan costs $15 per month, providing access to premium tracks and advanced customization options.

Is there an AI that creates music?

Amper Music is an evolving AI-driven music composition medium that transformed the way music was created. With its collection of tools, Amper Music allows users to create original music quickly and easily, serving the requirements of content creators across different industries.

One of Amper Music’s unique features is its intuitive, user-friendly interface, enabling users to customise each track smoothly to suit their particular needs. Users can modify key, tempo, and instrumentation to make a sound that totally conforms to their project.

Furthermore, Amper Music offers users access to a wide range of high-quality audio samples, making it effortless to add amazing sounds and effects to their tracks. Finally, Amper Music is invented to be functional for users of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, this platform provides an array of tools and features that make it effortless to generate professional-quality music tracks.

With its user-friendly interface, a wide range of musical styles, and robust automation tools, Amper Music is an excellent choice for anyone developing high-quality, royalty-free music for their subsequent project.

Can AI create a pop song?

Yes, AIs can create pop songs. Pop song generators have transformed how fans immerse themselves in their favourite genre, enabling them to create high-quality and original pop songs from home.

These resourceful tools leverage the strength of AI technology to provide an alluring pop music experience, offering users mastery to craft beats, produce vocals and even write lyrics.

Additionally, pop song generators are a powerful tool for desiring artists to refine their abilities and analyse their musical potential. These platforms modify the music creation cycle, delegating individuals to experiment with composition, songwriting and vocal performance.

MusicStar.AI is an inventive AI music generator tool that uses the ability of deep learning algorithms to formulate intriguing, royalty-free music in a multifarious range of genres comprising pop, rap, rock, hip-hop and country.

VoxBox is another AI song-generator tool that provides seamless voice cloning for pop artists, rappers, and singers. With its text-to-speech ability, creating delightful voiceovers has never been comfortable, ensuring users carry their projects to life with expressive and realistic voices.

Is AI-generated music legal?

AI-generated music is transforming the landscape, but its legal background is a melody evolution. Currently, copyright law defends authentic creative works and throws a twist into things. Traditionally, copyright needs human authorship. This indicates music generated completely by AI, without any human interference, isn’t eligible for copyright protection in most jurisdictions.

The legal landscape encircling AI-generated music is an ongoing process. There are coming up controversies and court cases inquiring about the current restrictions. As AI technology refines the line between machine and human creativity blur, copyright law might need to adjust.

In the future, we might notice legal distinctions for AI’s contribution to the imaginative process or new frameworks arise to present unique innovations. So, while AI-generated music might not currently have its copyright melody, it’s absolutely a conformity worth keeping an ear on.

Is AI good for music?

Yes, Artificial intelligence is good for music. It keeps the potential to change the music industry into a dynamic and technologically driven ecosystem, offering both incredible opportunities as well as challenges.

AI goes across all facets of the industry. From the way music is designed and produced to the way it is proficient and consumed, AI-powered tools are benefiting musicians to record, write and integrate music more creatively and efficiently. AI is being used to customise the music listening experience for fans and to explore new genres and artists.


Can I create a song with AI?

Yes, it’s super easy to create AI music using AI music generator tools like Soundraw, which has been merged into Canva.

What is the AI that can sing a song?

Kits.AI is a tool that enables users to record songs directly into the app or helps upload a clean, vocal audio file in WAV and MP3 format. It offers voice-to-voice audio transformation based on a variety of high-quality, royalty-free voice models.

Can ChatGPT generate music?

ChatGPT can produce musical notes, song lyrics, chord progression, album covers, and soundtracks.

Why use AI in music?

Using AI in music helps songwriters and musicians create content in seconds, integrates sound-alike vocals and helps divide segments on the same track.

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