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Best 100 AI Sales Tools Must Use In 2024

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sales has revolutionized how businesses approach their sales processes. AI tools in sales not only enhance efficiency but also provide insightful data, automate mundane tasks, and personalize customer interactions. In this article, we explore 100 of the best AI sales tools, categorized to help you find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world of sales. AI-powered tools are automating repetitive tasks, providing data-driven insights, and enhancing the customer experience. As a result, sales teams are becoming more efficient and effective.

To identify the top AI sales tools on the market, I conducted extensive research on popular software review sites like G2 and Capterra. I also looked at recent reports on AI trends from leading research firms like Gartner and Forrester. Through this process, I compiled a list of the 100 most highly-rated and innovative AI sales tools available today.

In this article, I will provide an overview of how each of these tools is using AI to improve various aspects of sales. The list encompasses AI sales assistants that act as virtual representatives, intelligent CRMs that customize the sales workflow, predictive analytics platforms for forecasting, and conversational AI chatbots that engage customers.

The tools are organized into categories based on their main functionality. This includes lead generation, communication, data analysis, workflow automation, and sales enablement. For each tool, I will summarize its key capabilities, use cases, and benefits for sales teams.

With the rapid pace of advancement in AI, new and improved sales tools are constantly emerging. This list represents the cream of the crop in leveraging AI to enhance sales performance as of 2024. For any sales organization looking to work smarter, boost productivity, and drive more revenue, integrating the right combination of these AI sales tools is key to future success.

Expanding on the details of each tool will provide a deeper understanding of their functionalities and benefits. Here’s a more detailed overview:

1. Lead Generation Tools

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Advanced lead recommendation engine using AI to analyze user preferences, interactions, and search history, offering personalized lead suggestions and advanced search filters.
  2. ZoomInfo: Features a vast, AI-powered informational database with in-depth company and contact information, enriched by machine learning for accuracy and relevance.
  3. Leadfeeder: Uses website visitor tracking to identify potential leads by company, tracking their behavior on your site and integrating with CRM for targeted outreach.
  4. Combines a comprehensive database with AI-driven insights for finding and engaging prospects, including scoring leads based on the likelihood of conversion.
  5. DiscoverOrg: Provides high-quality, AI-enriched lead data and insights, offering direct dials and email addresses, as well as organizational charts for targeted prospecting.
  6. Lusha: Simplifies prospecting with AI-driven tools for quick and accurate retrieval of contact details, enhancing outreach efficiency.
  7. Voila Norbert: An efficient email finder and lead enrichment tool using AI to validate and provide accurate email addresses, improving email campaign success rates.
  8. HubSpot Sales Hub: Offers AI-powered lead insights including lead scoring based on engagement and fit, and predictive lead prioritization to focus efforts on the most promising leads.
  9. Growbots: An AI-driven outbound sales platform automating the entire lead generation process from prospecting to outreach, with A/B testing for email campaigns.
  10. Salesforce Einstein Lead Scoring: Uses AI to predict lead scores, helping sales teams prioritize leads more effectively based on their likelihood to convert.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud: Incorporates Einstein AI for predictive analytics, offering automated data entry, opportunity insights, and predictive lead scoring.
  2. Zoho CRM: Features the AI-powered assistant Zia, providing sales predictions, deal closure probability, and automated task management.
  3. HubSpot CRM: Offers AI-driven tools like predictive lead scoring, automated data enrichment, and deal insights to streamline sales processes.
  4. Pipedrive: Utilizes AI for sales forecasting, automating repetitive tasks, and providing actionable insights based on sales data.
  5. Humata: Humata is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the interaction with legal documents, technical papers, and multiple documents by providing detailed insights and simplifying complex research publications through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities
  6. Freshsales: Freddy AI offers predictive contact scoring, automated deal insights, and personalized product recommendations to increase sales effectiveness.
  7. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Delivers AI-driven insights, personalized experiences, and predictive lead scoring to enhance customer relationships.
  8. Oracle NetSuite CRM: Provides advanced forecasting and analytics powered by AI, with capabilities for automated cross-sell/up-sell recommendations.
  9. Insightly: Offers AI features for automatic relationship linking, predictive analytics, and opportunity insights for strategic decision-making.
  10. SugarCRM: Uses AI for generating predictive insights, and automated workflow suggestions, and provides AI-driven forecasting for improved sales efficiency.
  11. Nimble: Combines traditional CRM functionalities with AI-driven insights, offering social profile enrichment and smart contact data management.

3. Sales Analytics Tools

  1. Tableau: Provides AI-driven analytics for comprehensive visualization of sales data, offering insights into sales trends, performance, and customer behavior.
  2. Qlik Sense: Leverages AI and machine learning for in-depth data analysis, reporting, and interactive dashboard creation for sales data interpretation.
  3. Looker: Part of Google Cloud, it offers AI-powered business intelligence, data exploration, and integration with advanced machine learning models.
  4. Domo: Integrates AI for predictive analytics, providing real-time data visualization, and offers personalized dashboards for sales tracking.
  5. Sisense: An AI-driven analytics tool that allows interactive data exploration and offers integrations for complex data scenarios in sales.
  6. ThoughtSpot: Employs AI for intuitive search-driven analytics, offering insights into sales performance and customer trends.
  7. SAP Analytics Cloud: Features AI-powered predictive analytics, providing insights into future sales trends and customer behaviors.
  8. Microsoft Power BI: Includes AI capabilities for in-depth data visualization and analysis, offering sales insights and integration with other Microsoft products.
  9. Einstein Analytics by Salesforce: Specializes in AI-driven analytics for Salesforce data, offering insights into sales performance and customer interactions.
  10. TIBCO Spotfire: Leverages AI for predictive and real-time analytics, offering insights into sales data for strategic decision-making.

4. Sales Enablement Tools

  1. Seismic: Provides an AI-powered platform for content optimization, sales enablement, and personalized content recommendations.
  2. Highspot: Uses AI for intelligent content management, and sales guidance, and offers analytics on content performance.
  3. Showpad: Integrates AI for personalized content recommendations, training, and coaching, enhancing sales team effectiveness.
  4. Delivers AI-driven insights from sales calls and meetings, analyzing conversations for improvement areas and strategy development.
  5. Analyzes sales calls using AI to provide insights on customer interactions, sales techniques, and conversation outcomes.
  6. MindTickle: Offers an AI-powered sales readiness platform, focusing on training, skill development, and knowledge reinforcement.
  7. Bigtincan: Provides AI-driven personalized content delivery, sales coaching, and interactive learning tools for sales teams.
  8. Outreach: Utilizes AI for sales engagement, automating workflows, and optimizing customer interactions for improved sales outcomes.
  9. Salesloft: Features AI capabilities for sales engagement, and conversation intelligence, and offers analytics on customer communication.
  10. Lessonly by Seismic: Delivers AI-driven training and coaching tools, focusing on skills development and knowledge retention for sales teams.

5. Email Automation Tools

  1. Outreach: Offers an AI-powered platform for automating and personalizing sales emails, tracking engagement, and optimizing email sequences.
  2. Yesware: Embeds AI features for email tracking, and campaign automation, and provides analytics on email performance and recipient engagement.
  3. Mailchimp: Uses AI to create personalized email marketing campaigns, automate email workflows, and offer predictive analytics for campaign optimization.
  4. HubSpot Email Marketing: Provides AI-driven tools for email content optimization, recipient engagement analysis, and personalization strategies.
  5. MarketHero: Features AI capabilities for in-depth email analytics, segmentation, and automated follow-ups for improved email campaign performance.
  6. Boomerang for Gmail: Includes AI-driven email scheduling, and follow-up reminders, and provides insights on optimal email sending times.
  7. Autoklose: An AI-powered email automation platform that focuses on lead generation, campaign management, and analytics for sales teams.
  8. ActiveCampaign: Combines email marketing with AI for targeted campaign creation, lead scoring, and automated customer journey mapping.
  9. SendGrid: Offers AI tools for enhancing email deliverability, engagement analytics, and optimizing email content for better performance.
  10. Constant Contact: Utilizes AI for email marketing optimization, providing insights on campaign performance and audience engagement strategies.

6. Pricing Optimization Tools

  1. Pricefx: Utilizes AI to offer dynamic pricing strategies, allowing businesses to optimize pricing based on market conditions and demand.
  2. Competera: Offers AI-driven pricing intelligence, helping businesses set competitive prices while maintaining profitability.
  3. PROS Pricing: Provides AI-based solutions for real-time price optimization, considering factors like customer willingness to pay and market trends.
  4. BlackCurve: Uses machine learning to automate pricing decisions, helping businesses to stay competitive and profitable.
  5. RepricerExpress: An AI tool designed for e-commerce, automatically adjusting prices on platforms like Amazon and eBay for optimal competitiveness.
  6. Feedvisor: An AI-driven algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence platform for online retailers.
  7. Perfect Price: Uses AI to dynamically price products or services in real-time, optimizing for maximum revenue.
  8. Darwin Pricing: Focuses on geolocated dynamic pricing, using AI to adjust prices based on local market conditions.
  9. Omnia Dynamic Pricing: Offers AI-powered dynamic pricing that automatically adapts to market changes and competition.
  10. Prisync: Uses AI to track competitor pricing and stock availability, enabling businesses to adjust their prices intelligently.

7. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

  1. Drift: Offers AI-driven chatbots for sales, facilitating automated yet personalized customer interactions on websites.
  2. Intercom: Provides conversational bots that use AI to qualify leads, book meetings, and provide support to sales teams.
  3. Ada: An AI-powered chatbot that automates customer engagement, handling inquiries and guiding users through the sales funnel.
  4. ManyChat: Focuses on AI chatbot creation for social media platforms, enhancing customer interaction and lead generation.
  5. MobileMonkey: An AI chatbot platform for sales and marketing, automating interactions on websites, SMS, and social media.
  6. Aivo: Delivers AI chatbots for customer service, providing real-time answers and sales assistance.
  7. Conversica: Features AI virtual assistants for sales, engaging leads through personalized email conversations.
  8. LivePerson: Offers AI-powered conversational commerce solutions, enabling businesses to engage customers through messaging.
  9. Chatfuel: Provides AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger, helping businesses automate sales and customer support conversations.
  10. Bold360: An AI-driven chat and messaging tool, offering personalized customer engagement and support.

8. Sales Forecasting Tools

  1. Clari: Uses AI to provide accurate sales forecasting, giving visibility into the sales pipeline and predicting revenue outcomes.
  2. Forecast: An AI-powered sales forecasting tool that integrates with CRM systems to offer predictive insights.
  3. Vanguard Predictive Planning: Provides AI-based sales forecasting, helping businesses anticipate market changes and customer demand.
  4. Aviso: Offers AI-driven sales forecasting and visibility, enhancing decision-making with predictive analytics.
  5. Gainsight: Uses AI to forecast customer health and sales opportunities, providing insights into customer retention and growth.
  6. Anaplan: Delivers AI-powered connected planning, including sales forecasting and scenario modeling.
  7. InsightSquared: Features AI-driven forecasting and analytics for sales, providing data-driven insights for sales strategy.
  8. DemandCaster: Offers AI-based demand planning and forecasting, optimizing inventory management and sales predictions.
  9. FuturMaster: Provides AI-driven sales forecasting, focusing on demand planning and supply chain optimization.
  10. Logility: Uses AI to enhance sales and operations planning, offering advanced forecasting and inventory optimization.

9. Social Selling Tools

  1. Hootsuite Insights: Leverages AI to analyze social media trends and conversations, aiding in targeted social selling strategies.
  2. Sprout Social: Offers AI-powered social listening and analytics, helping sales teams understand customer sentiments and engage effectively.
  3. BuzzSumo: Utilizes AI for content discovery and social listening, aiding sales teams in identifying trending topics and influencers.
  4. Brand24: Provides real-time social monitoring and analytics, helping sales teams track mentions and engage prospects on social media.
  5. Maestra: Maestra is an advanced artificial intelligence platform offering transcription, subtitling, and voiceover services, capable of translating content into over 100 languages swiftly and accurately.
  6. Nimble: Combines CRM with AI-driven social insights, enabling sales teams to engage prospects effectively on social platforms.
  7. Socedo: Uses AI to automate lead generation and engagement on social media, identifying prospects based on social behavior.
  8. Zoho Social: Offers AI-driven insights for social media management, helping sales teams schedule posts and engage with their audience.
  9. Agorapulse: Features AI tools for social media management and engagement, aiding in building effective social selling strategies.
  10. Oktopost: Designed for B2B marketing, offering AI-powered tools for social media management and employee advocacy.
  11. Mention: Provides AI-based social media monitoring, enabling sales teams to track brand mentions and engage potential leads.

10. Customer Engagement Tools

  1. Freshworks CRM: Combines AI-powered CRM with customer engagement tools, offering chat, email, and phone support integration.
  2. Pega Sales Automation: Uses AI to enhance customer engagement with predictive analytics and guided selling.
  3. EngageBay: An all-in-one suite of AI-powered sales and marketing tools focusing on improving customer engagement.
  4. Zoho CRM Plus: Offers a unified platform with AI-powered tools for sales, marketing, and customer service.
  5. Salesforce Service Cloud: Integrates AI to provide personalized customer service experiences, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
  6. Kustomer: An AI-powered customer service platform, that provides a holistic view of customers for better engagement.
  7. Vendasta: Features a platform for local businesses to manage customer relationships and engagement using AI tools.
  8. MoEngage: Uses AI to deliver personalized customer engagement across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications.
  9. Verint: Offers AI-driven customer engagement solutions, focusing on improving customer experiences and interactions.
  10. Amperity: An AI-powered customer data platform that helps businesses understand and engage with customers at a personal level.


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is reshaping the sales landscape. As this list demonstrates, there is now a vast range of AI-powered tools available to enhance nearly every aspect of the sales process. From lead generation to pricing optimization, contract management to forecasting, AI is delivering data-driven insights and automation to boost sales productivity.

While the capabilities of these technologies are impressive, integration is key to maximizing value. Companies need to assess their existing tech stack and business needs to determine the right combination of AI tools for their organization. Investing in solutions across lead engagement, predictive analytics, and sales enablement can transform sales operations. But AI adoption should be strategic, starting with high-impact areas and building over time.

With the future of AI looking brighter than ever, new sales tech innovations will continue to emerge. But for now, the 100 solutions highlighted here represent the most cutting-edge applications of AI for sales. These tools are leading the way in leveraging artificial intelligence to drive productivity, gain competitive advantage, and accelerate revenue growth. Adopting the right mix of these AI-powered solutions promises sales teams increased efficiency, deeper customer insights, and the ability to focus on higher-value activities.

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