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Guide of Ai Tools

How to Use Freedom GPT

Everyone is familiar with ChatGPT, but you may be unfamiliar with Freedom GPT.

Open-source artificial intelligence (AI) tools that value confidentiality, impartiality, and personalization are more in demand than ever in today’s hyper-connected world. The Austin, Texas-based AI venture capital firm AI Capital LLC has responded to this need with Freedom GPT.

In the following article, I’ll take you through the advantages and disadvantages of using Freedom GPT and other open-source local AI models, as well as how to get started with the program.

Freedom GPT is a free and open-source AI chatbot project prioritizing private and objective communication. The goal of Age of AI, LLC’s Freedom GPT project is to liberate AI from the grip of corporations and governments so that anybody can use it. It’s a free and public AI language model with the same capabilities as ChatGPT, including text generation, translation, and question-answering. Freedom GPT is unique because the model can be run locally on your own device. Neither your discussions nor the data you feed into the model will leave your local machine.

Freedom GPT uses the Alpaca models developed at Stanford and provides a user-friendly chat-based interface. These models allow Freedom GPT to provide an intuitive GUI for in-house, personal use, providing accurate, unfiltered results.

Freedom GTP: How to Use It

A downloadable desktop app or a web-based interface is available with Freedom GPT. The desktop version supports Windows and Mac, while the online app is accessible from any web browser. The official website and community platforms are stocked with guides, tutorials, and support resources to make using the software as easy as possible. Once the file has been downloaded, you will be prompted to select an AI model and version. You can pick between the ALPACA and LLAMA AI models’ 7B FAST and 7B FULL variants. Then, you can use Freedom GPT in the same way as you would Chat GPT.

Key Features of Freedom GTP

Quick and Easy to Operate

Freedom GPT is optimized to work with your computer’s hardware, so it will always respond quickly. Freedom GPT’s offline mode ensures constant performance, unlike online platforms which might become sluggish under heavy load.

Privacy Centric

By using Freedom GPT, interacting with AI is risk-free and does not infringe on personal privacy. The data never leaves your device, providing an unprecedented level of privacy and the ability to process AI locally on your own hardware.

Convenient Access Even When Not Online

Freedom GPT works whether you’re in the air, on a mountain, on a desolate island, or even on a spaceship. You may use it without an internet connection to access knowledge from anywhere, even if your internet connection is down.

Choosing Between Freedom GPT and Chat GPT

Freedom GPT stands apart because it emphasizes unrestricted and confidential communication. When compared to other AI models like ChatGPT, Freedom GPT stands out due to its emphasis on user privacy and objective AI responses. Freedom GPT is special because it’s free to use and open to everyone. It’s a terrific alternative for individuals who wish to accomplish more without spending money. Users looking for a wide variety of features tend to go toward it due to its adaptability and personalizability. Freedom GPT’s capacity to generate high-quality responses and cohesive conversations is one of its main characteristics.

Security and Confidentiality Issues

Freedom GPT takes an open and methodical approach to AI safety that prioritizes non-censorial, responsible action over outright bans. Users’ data and communications are protected by strict mechanisms designed with privacy in mind.

Conditions for Using Freedom GPT

Your machine must have these criteria in order to launch Freedom GPT:

  • Compatible Intel Central Processing Units (CPUs) with AVX2 capability (certain AMD CPUs may also work, but there is no comprehensive list).
  • 8 GB of RAM is required at a bare minimum, while 10 GB is recommended.
  • A solid-state drive (SSD) to host the software.
  • Linux and MacOS are also supported in addition to Windows 10 and 11.

The model probably won’t load on a regular hard drive.

Freedom GTP: The Pros and Cons


  • Privacy is prioritized in Freedom GPT. Because it can be installed and used locally on any computer meeting the system requirements, your information is never sent to or kept by remote servers.
  • Freedom GPT is a tool that assists individuals and groups in making artificial intelligence beneficial to them by customizing and extending it to meet their own requirements.
  • Freedom GPT is immune to censorship by private entities or governmental agencies.


  • The comments provided by Freedom GPT are often insensitive or even offensive.
  • The evolution of GPT technology raises concerns about personal privacy and free expression. Individuals must be able to communicate with themselves freely and without worry of being locked up or punished by the government.
  • Freedom GPT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technological advance, yet it raises certain ethical considerations.
  • Users should be aware of these potential dangers before using the service.

Costs and Maintenance

You can download Freedom GPT without spending a dime, however, donations are always welcome to help with the ongoing costs of upkeep and enhancements.

For its focus on confidentiality, impartiality, and adaptability, Freedom GPT stands out among open-source AI language models.  This is because it can be used without an internet connection, uses Alpaca models, and is open-source. Its versatility in responding to different questions and commands makes it a priceless tool for content development, advertising, and customer service. Freedom GPT represents a significant step towards making AI universally available, ethical, and user-centric.

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